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     Devices for attracting animals
     Lubricants and oxidations
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     Electric shocks
     Ultrasonic dog deterrents
     Gas sprays
     Shooting glasses
     Devices for attracting animals
       Duck Decoys
       magnesium fire starter
     life jacket
     outdoor set
     instruments and other
       pellets for air gun
     Deactivated weapon
     Protective equipment
       Body Protectors
     Blocking systems

"Burel-42 I" was founded in 1991, based in Sofia and specialized in guns trade. In 1996 the related "Paris" company was also founded.

Recently "Paris & Burel" is one of the leaders in Bulgaria, trading all kinds of sports weapons, hunting weapons, firearms, accessories, ammunitions etc.

"Paris & Burel" imports and trades products of many international manufacturers as:
  • Frank Beltrame, Maserin, Mercury, Viper - knives, Italy
  • Fobus - holsters & pouches, Israel
  • Umarex, Walther air and gas-signal guns, Germany
  • ESP extending batons, electroshocks, Czech Republic
  • Leapers optics & sights, USA
  • Mega Line gun cleaning & gun cases, Italy
  • Handler & Netermann air gun pellets and BB's, Germany and many more that YOU may find on our commercial site or in our stores.

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